UNBLOOM’s “Chances” Is For All Of Us Who Suffer The Fear Of F*cking Up


Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

There’s a stronger epidemic than FOMO that is going around, but nobody wants to talk about. It’s called FOFU or fear of fucking up. Canadian artist UNBLOOM knows that FOFU is no joke and his latest single “Chances” captures that haunting intensity that we experience during FOFU episodes. With distorted choruses and boggling synths, “Chances” feels like an outside voice that echoes your innermost thoughts:

“‘Chances’ also deals with the millennial anxiety of fucking up the opportunities you earn, yet being afraid to fuck up the ones you don’t – a constant state of panic and inadequacy. I think a lot of rising musicians feel this way, too.” shared UNBLOOM.

Jonathan Zarola is the mastermind behind UNBLOOM who has been doing music full-time since 2017. Expect to hear more from UNBLOOM this year.