Big & The Fat Is Your New Auditory Diet

Krautrock meets chopped alternative beats

Photo: Josh Fray

Part of the reason why food is so fucking awesome is that it distracts you from the hectic shittiness of life – it’s like a blissful interlude from everything you have to juggle. And London-based quartet Big & The Fat captures that pure instance of distraction with their sound. Their latest single “Fruit” is a krautrock-infused piece of alternative/indietronic pulse that stomps into your ears with effortless grace. The auto-tune introduction and fragmented beats numb your brain, letting the groove take the lead. Stream below:

“Fruit” is an appetizer of what Big & The Fat has in store. The quartet will be releasing limited pink vinyl versions of their latest singles, “Fruit” and “Crack Crack,” on March 30th via We Can Do It Records. They have some show dates coming up:

3/28 – Wandsworth Radio (London, UK)

4/7 – The Lock Tavern (London, UK)