ELEL’s “Early In The Morning” Is Your New Alarm Jam

Song born out of survival

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

“I wanna see you early in the morning” chants ELEL’s frontman Ben Elkins as the swelling ambience and bursting beats flood you with an electrifying exhilaration. “Early In The Morning” is the second single that the Nashville-based trio has shared this year. We can’t guarantee that this song will break your long-term relationship with snoozing, but it will stick into your brain and you’ll be playing it incessantly throughout the day – whether you like it or not. It’s very catchy and captures our longing to have that someone we love next to us when we wake up:

Having gone through personal turmoil and lineup changes, ELEL spent the majority of 2017 songsculpting as a way to survive hardships. “These are survival songs,” explained Elkins. “They’ve kept me alive this year.”

ELEL will be releasing more songs in the upcoming months, so keep them under your radar.