Tommy Down’s “Superficial” Is The Disco Funk Portrayal Of Modern Narcissism

Narcissism is the epidemic no one seeks out for help

Photo: Courtesy of Lost in the Manor

Bristol-based artist Tommy Down addresses our modern epidemic of narcissism in his new groovy disco funk single “Superficial.” Produced by Rhys Lewis, “Superficial” navigates through our selfie obsession and high-end brand fever while scratching the deep corners of our inner craving for attention. Built on a hooky melodic skeleton, “Superficial” immediately glues to your brain and sucks you into the disco madness like your Instagram newsfeed at midnight:

“The track tries to act as an analogy. It tries to show how our generation is fully aware of how narcissistic and unhealthy it can be. Yet in spite of knowing this; we don’t seem to care and almost revel in being like this.” shared Tommy.

You probably know Tommy as the frontman of Harker Moon, which he started back in 2015 along with his schoolmates Hal Briggs, Ben Phillips, and Elliot Lindsay. Tommy, who started recording music since he was 14, will be showcasing more of his solo works this year so make sure to keep an eye on him.