When Life Gets Hard, Listen To Kaptan’s “Hardest Part”

Indietronic pop

Photo: @nicolaharger

Nashville-based artist Kaptan gives us an intimate portrayal of losing someone close with his indietronic pop single “Hardest Part.” With frosty-like vocals, Kaptan exhales the emotional longing for someone while letting the simple phrases “The hardest part is missing you” send chills through your skin. Structurally, “Hardest Part” has the expansive ambience of grand-sized synths but is also built on intricate strings that deliver their rawness through the processed layers. Stream below:

“Hardest Part” is based on Kaptan’s own experience of losing his mother back in 2015. Within two months of its release, “Hardest Part” has broken thousands of streams and is still making buzz across blogsphere.