Yoshi Flower Explores Love From Carnal To Chemical Level In “Just On Drugs”

“We’re just on drugs / It’s not love”

LA-based artist Yoshi Flower gives us a trippy portrayal of romance in his new single “Just On Drugs.” It’s a triangular love song that explores a self-saboteur’s fake romance with someone and true love with drugs. Starting off with a disarming serenity, “Just On Drugs” drenches you with a mellow vibe before the guitar strums and spiky synths quickly catches you off guard. Despite this interchanging sonic density, “Just On Drugs” is minimalistic overall and constantly shifts from balmy guitar strings to glimmering synths. Yoshi’s voice flourishes over the layering minimalism where he depicts the emotional hollowness yet exquisiteness of drug-induced romance:

Yoshi Flower is Josh Smith who is roommates with Elohim and is currently on tour with her:

3/29 – Velvet Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada)

3/30 – Intersection (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

4/4 – The Crocodile (Seattle, WA, USA)

4/7 – Slim’s (San Francisco, CA, USA)