For All Your Secret Inner Meltdowns, Play Kidd Bayou’s “Gold”

When you discreetly wrestle with anxiety

Photo: Courtesy of Magic Tree Productions

To the world you might look normal, even basic, but deep inside you might be shuffling through a list of mistakes and wrestling with anxiety that eventually lead to a secret meltdown. And that’s exactly what Kidd Bayou captures in their track “Gold.” It starts off with tiptoeing chords that start piling up as the haunting background croons (courtesy of Lisa Rono) slither under your auditory radar. It feels dreamy, yet there is a biting element to the track that resonates your emotional turmoil. Stream below:

Comprised of Oregon native Luke Hall and Chicagoan Joey Colando, Kidd Bayou started collaborating together while both were in different bands. They’ve been writing and recording songs since 2013 in miscellaneous places across Portland. “Gold” is from their debut LP Sticky Stars, which was released back in March 16. You can stream it below: