Nedelle Torrisi’s “Bad Dream” Is The Cure For Your Nightmare Hangover

Snap out of that funk

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

With cinematic layers and breathy synths, LA-based Nedelle Torrisi walks us through the complex funk we wake up in from a nightmare in her new single “Bad Dream.” The song captures the shivers and relief we get as we slowly transition into reality. Smearing her dream pop palette with hues of ambience and her siren-like voice, Nedelle cascades you with the moody yet cathartic sensation of escaping your nightmare:

“If you’ve ever woken up from a bad dream in a cold sweat next to a warm body- this song’s for you.” shared Nedelle.

“Bad Dream” is from Nedelle’s upcoming record Only For You, which will be out on May 18 via Frenchkiss Records. She also has show dates coming up in LA, so make sure to go see her live:

4/2 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/1 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/15 – The Bootleg (Los Angeles, CA, USA)