Michael P Cullen Takes Us To A Dark Existential Journey His In New Video “Do You Believe”

Gothic introspective rock

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Australian artist Michael P Cullen takes us into a semi-ominous subway ride in his video “Do You Believe” where we follow a woman wrestle with her own inner existentialism. Directed by Graham Hall and Fabrice Mathieu, “Do You Believe” feels like watching a suspenseful scene from a horror movie where the slow subway ride seems deceivingly peaceful in contrast to the dirge-like gothic melody. From the protagonist’s close-ups you can catch her twitching expressions of loneliness and secret existential crisis. While the track starts off spare with a haunting bleakness, the string layers thicken and the ghostly haze of synths start seeping in, yielding a menacing atmosphere. “Do you believe in us?” chants Michael amidst the misty layers. Tapping into the uncertainty of relationship – whether it is with others or ourselves – “Do You Believe” is a heartfelt yet dark reflection of our daily struggle with our own beliefs:

Produced by Michael P Cullen and Tim Powles, “Do You Believe” is now available on SoundCloud or Spotify. Based in Sydney, Michael is mostly known for his dark, gothic Americana sound. The single is the follow up of his latest EP, Live At Lazybones, which was released back in September 2017.

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