Spielbergs’ “Distant Star” Is Punk Cosmic Rock

Like space rock peppered with punk

Photo: Simen Skari

Norwegian trio Spielbergs send us punk rock vibes from the cosmos in new single “Distant Star,” an explosive shower that strikes you like a meteorite. It’s a smashing piece built on bursting momentums and moody undertones that capture the emotional blackhole we get stuck in when someone else becomes the source of our happiness. Stream below:

“‘Distant Star’ tries to capture that feeling of being stuck in relationships and leaving the responsibility for your own happiness in the hands of your close ones.” shared guitarist/vocalist Mads Baklien.

“Distant Star” is the follow up of their chart-topping single “We Are All Going To Die,” which as released back in March 6th. Both tracks are part of their upcoming debut EP, Distant Star, which will be out on April 27th. The trio has show dates coming up this month:

4/12 – BLÅ (Oslo, Norway)

4/24 – Birthdays (London, UK)