Tamtam’s “Blue” Is Oceanic Pop For Really Sh*tty Breakups

Time to dive.

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Have you ever experienced a breakup where the other person seems so…okay with it? Like, Xanax-level aloof level? If you have, then Tamtam’s “Blue” will help you process that heavy-hearted and WTF funk. Built on an illustrious soundscape of expansive ambience and swollen synths, “Blue” captures the vastness of nature and its unstoppable cycle. No matter how much of an emotional wreck you are, life seems to move on without you…tamtam nails this feeling of being left out:

“‘Blue’ is about heartbreak and feeling haunted at the end of a dissolved romance, while the other person seems so cool. I drew on nature’s everchanging blues (water, the sky) for inspiration – their vastness, unpredictability, and power to set a melancholy tone.” shared tamtam.

Originally from Saudi Arabia, tamtam moved to Southern California where she has been making music largely influenced by her upbringing and multi-cultural identity. “Blue” is from her forthcoming EP, which will be out soon.