LANZ’ New Video “125 BPM” Is Colors & Psychedelia On Steroids

Yes, this photo is weird.

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Lately, the world could use more color and that’s why LANZ dropped a chromatic explosion with his video “125 BPM” where we see a semi-abstract figure painting with madness. The video is a colorgasmic journey where the electrostatic colors and lasering visuals penetrate through your eyeballs and hit your reward center. The song is a psychedelic Frankenstein of rock and swaggy pop that sounds like a glorious chaos. Stream below:

“125 BPM” is from LANZ’ upcoming album Hoferlanz II, which will be out on April 13. If the guy in the grass looks familiar, you’re not hallucinating from watching too much colorporn. LANZ is Benjamin Lanz whom you know him from touring with The National, Beirut, and Sufjan Stevens. He’s also the vocalist of the krautrock-style trio LNZNDRF, that formed back in 2011 while he was touring with The National in Auckland. Strangely enough, the LANZ project also formed in Auckland while he was touring with The National again. Next time Ben hits Auckland with The National, he will be launching another music project. Here are the potential names:

Major Lanzer

Lanz Bass


Ask him to make his pick:

4/25 – Raccoon Motel @ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar (Davenport, IA, USA)

4/26 – Sleeping Village (Chicago, IL, USA)

4/27 – Homecoming Festival Kickoff Party @ Northside Tavern (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

4/28 – Homecoming Festival @ Smale Park (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

5/23 – Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY, USA)