Melody’s Echo Chamber Gives Us A Taste Of Her New Album ‘Bon Voyage’

Psychedelic magical pop

Photo: Diane Sagnier

Parisian artist Melody’s Echo Chamber takes us into an animated mystical dimension in her new video “Breath In, Breathe Out.” The track is from her upcoming sophomore album Bon Voyage, which will be out on June 15th. If you like psychedelic pop that is sprinkled with some playful mystic vibe, then this is for you:

For “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” Melody actually went back to her childhood music conservatory to learn to play drums. “It’s a special one. I’m used to recording with masters of drums and accepting my drum playing as not perfect but with the right intention was a big deal to me”.

Bon Voyage also features fellow artists Gustav Esjtes and Johan Holmegard (from Dungen) and Nicholas Allbrook (Pond).