Buzzy Lee Dissects The Dark Psyche Of Love In “No Her”

Hauntingly, celestial love song

Photo: Brantley Gutierrez

Buzzy Lee teases us with a new single “No Her” from her upcoming debut EP Facepaint, which will be out on April 27th via Future Classic. “No Her” is a bewitching piece that falls somewhere between dark indietronica and ambient music. The howling beats and icy vocals of Buzzy Lee send frisson-inducing chills that are haunting yet luring at the same time. Stream below:

In regards to the single, Buzzy Lee shared that it’s “about that piece of myself that I’m worried my partner will discover isn’t really there. That there is an ideal ‘her’; someone’s idea of me is different from who I am, and yet, I’m worried the other ‘her’ is the one who has drawn them in… But to be fully honest it’s about not believing someone loved me.”

Sasha Spielberg is the mastermind behind Buzzy Lee who has been making buzz across the media with her single “Coolhand.” Produced by Nicholas Jaar, Facepaint is available to pre-order now. If you happen to be in LA, she has a FREE show coming up with Joachim Cooder:

4/9 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)