Johnny Marr Gives Us A Glimpse Into His Alternative Society In “The Tracers”

New album, new tour dates

Photo: Niall Lea

The Smith’s iconic guitarist and NME Godlike Genius Award-winner (raddest award title, EVER) Johnny Marr has unveiled his new track “The Tracers,” a moody cosmic rock track that explores another reality. The mystic and surrealistic ambience of the track sucks your mind into an introspective vortex where Johnny’s echoing vocals takes you to an alternative dimension. Let him do his mojo:

The track is the first single from his upcoming album Call The Comet, which will be out on June 15th. Regarding his album Johnny explained, “‘Call The Comet’ is my own magic realism. It’s set in the not-too-distant future and is mostly concerned with the idea of an alternative society. The characters in the songs are searching for a new idealism, although there are some personal songs in there too. It’s something that people like me can relate to.”

The legend will start his tour in May:

Europe 2018 tour

5/12 – Button Factory (Dublin, Ireland)

5/14 – Brudenell Social Club (Leeds, UK)

5/16 – Islington Assembly Hall (London, UK)

5/18 – Nalen (Stockholm, Sweden)

5/19 – DR Koncerthuset Studie 2 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

5/20 – Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5/21 – Festsaal Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)

5/24 – La Gaite Lyrique (Paris, France)

North America 2018 tour

5/30 – Velvet Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada)

5/31 – Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY, USA)

6/2 – August Hall (San Francisco, CA, USA)

6/5 – Teragram Ballroom (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

6/7 – Neptune Theatre (Seattle, WA, USA)