Louis Rustum’s “Tongue Tied” Will Get You Into The Flow State

Glowing R&B

Photo: Yavez S.E. Antonio

Danish R&B artist Louis Rustum treats us with his latest single “Tongue Tied,” a celestial lullaby soaring over a gossamer soundscape that is filled with wistful air. Melodically glorious and craftily minimal, “Tongue Tied” exudes influences of disco and pop. The smoky percussions and Louis’ starry-eyed croons blend and float seamlessly with one another, yielding a fluid-like space. Stream below:

“The most important thing for me right now is to release songs that reflect my personal growth. ‘Tongue Tied’ was written in a period where I had to let go in order to learn more about myself.” shared Louis.

“Tongue Tied” is the follow up of Louis’ 2017 album, Classified, which made him one of the most sought-out artists in the Danish R&B music scene and garnered buzz across international media. Expect to hear more from Louis as the days get warmer.