Sampson Cuts Through Your Existential Fears In Her Haunting Single “Damned”

Dark meditation

Photo: Sampson Facebook

We’ve all been there – you’re stuck between Postmating and indulging in cabin fever or going out and socializing with friends and frienemies. You’re doomed either way. And that’s what Sampson exactly summarizes in her new dark pop single “Damned”…well, sort of. Her song actually digs deeper to an existential level where she wrestles with the idea of staying in a place and dying of boredom or moving to another place and face the unknown. Whatever scale you fall into, “Damned” understands exactly what you’re feeling:

“It’s a song about feeling stuck, and having choices to make that all bear consequences. For me, it was about whether or not I should leave somewhere and miss it, or stay while knowing something that would inevitably make me start to hate it.” shared Sampson.

“Damned” is from Sampson’s record Dark Sky Night, which came out on March 30th and can be streamed below: