If You Are The Toxic One In Your Relationship, warner case’s “thereforeyou” Is For You

Indietronic house

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

Warner case’s newest track “thereforeyou” is not for basic bitches who love to blame their relationship crap on other people. It’s for the opposite bitches who know that they are the ones who are toxic and actually admit wanting to preserve this toxicity than the relationship. With a gushing mix of house beats and thumping heartbeat, “thereforeyou” is an unstoppable banger that exudes a seductive air that lures you to the dark side. Featuring the guitar works of multi-instrumentalist Youngr, “thereforeyou” is for all of us who simply do not want to change for a person – even if it makes us better human beings:

Formerly known as Jay xero, warner case has been releasing a series of party-friendly jams under his new moniker that has been chart-topping HypeM and Norway’s iTunes dance charts. And speaking of going international, he has shows coming up this month abroad:

4/21 – Janis Club (Mexico City, Mexico)

4/27 – MUI MUI (Guadalajara, Mexico)

5/4 – Marquee (New York, NY, USA)