Litche x Nrthn’s “Winter” Is The Ending Credits Soundtrack Of Any Life Chapter

Slow-burning electronica

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

If you are experiencing an end of a chapter in your life or simply need a chest-swelling electronica that feeds your nostalgia, then Litche and Nrthn’s latest collab “Winter” is the perfect ending track. The Sydney producers have teamed up to craft an intimately melancholic and thoughtfully cinematic soundscape that captures the bittersweet feeling of letting something/someone go. Stream below:

“When something I care about ends whether it is a relationship, musical endeavour, or friendship, I tend to only vividly remember the end of it. ‘Winter’ is about the rare moment of reminiscing those ‘moments in the middle’ easily forgotten, and wanting them to be what you remember from it,” explained Nrthn.

“Winter” is now available across all streaming platforms.