Night Flight’s “Parade” Sums Up Your Passive Aggressive Catch Up With Your Ex

“Hey there, how’ve you been in this world, since I fell out of yours?”

Photo: Daniel Alexander Harris

With thoughtful melodic minimalism, Night Flight captures the emotionally stinging conversation we have when we run into an ex in “Parade.” Built on intricate strings and ethereal buzz, “Parade” exudes a soothing magnetism that invites you to analyze the war-and-peace relationship you have going on with any ex. Stream below:

“A conversation between ex-partners set some time after their break up. While the motive is for cathartic reconciliation, it quickly turns into a passive aggressive back and forth of one-upmanship.” explained frontman Sam Holmes.

Aside from Sam, Night Flight is comprised of Harry Phillips (guitar/backing vocals), Nick Holbeck (keys/backing vocals), Dan Webb (drums), and Andy Leishman (bass). “Parade” is from the band’s new EP Carousel, which will be out on June 1st. They have show dates coming up:

5/3 – Café Totem (Sheffield, UK)

5/4 – Kasbah (Coventry, UK)

5/5 – Live at Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/6 – Sound City (Liverpool, UK)

5/19 – White Rabbit (Brighton, UK)

5/30 – The Horn (St Albans, UK)

6/23 – Bushstock Festival (London, UK)

7/22 – Deer Shed Festival (North Yorkshire, UK)

7/28 – Port Eliot Festival (Cornwall, UK)