Eli Way’s “Papercut” Ft. Cehryl Is Kinda Magical & Laidback

R&B for chilling or mating

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Chicago producer Eli Way slits through our ADD and hits the center of our reward center with his new R&B single “Papercut” featuring the seductive vocals of Cehryl. There is something spellbinding about “Papercut” that immediately draws your attention and sets you in a laidback mode, but still keeps it lit. Feel it:

Raised in a family of musicians, Eli started out with the classic insturments like trumpet and piano before falling in love with electronic/R&B music. Eli has quickly garnered buzz in the streaming world by amassing millions of Spotify streams and garnering attention from various labels and press. “Papercut” is out now via Majestic Casual.