Leave Haters In The Past With Frøkedal’s “I Don’t Care”

Folk pop

Photo: Julia Naglestad

“I never really questioned my life / ’til you condescendingly said I’d fail” chants Norwegian artist Frøkedal in her latest single “I Don’t Care.” In this glimmering piece, Frøkedal walks us through leaving the past – including haters – behind with a foot-tapping folk pop rhythm. It’s gloriously unapologetic where the bold guitar strikes and marching drumbeats radiate the triumphant feeling of conquering the past – which is simply letting it go. Stream below:

“‘I Don’t Care’ contains an energy that I specifically wanted to be present on the new LP. Unfiltered, impulsive thoughts and actions fuelled by everything from fear, love and deep passion – to red hot anger. The song seems to represent the whole spectrum. It’s an ambivalent, slightly over the top effort to close the door to the past.” shared Frøkedal.

The track is from Frøkedal’s upcoming sophomore album How We Made It, which will be out on August 31st via Propeller Recordings. The gal has shows coming up:

5/9 – Martinique Bar (Stavenger, Norway)

5/10 – Landmark Bergen (Bergen, Norway)

5/16 – Moskus (Trondheim, Norway)