Swedish Artist Tsundere Debuts His First Single On Netflix

It’s that soothing track you heard from ‘Shadowhunters’

Photo: Courtesy of Snowflake Music

Swedish artist Tsundere took the art of debuting his first single “In Reverse” to another level by premiering it via Netflix’ series Shadowhunters. Now, I (the writer…yes, there are humans working behind this site) lost Netflix a few months ago after my old college buddy decided to cancel his account to go on a ‘media detox.’ But listening to “In Reverse” sort of gives me an idea of what type of scene this soundtrack would fit. It’s semi-acoustic tune where the emotional substance of the song comes from Tsundere’s vocal prowess. If you need a superhero-level motivation, this is it:

“The song is about being your own worst enemy, and how you can find something good if you stop making things so hard for yourself.” shared Tsundere.

Kim Simmons is the masternmind behind Tsudnere who remains a mystery for now…but we’ll start cracking his identity in the upcoming months as he’ll start sharing more music.

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