The Sea Atlas’ “Ripped Jeans” Is Destructive Denim Rock

“You gave me drinking problems”

Photo: Courtesy of Oh! Inverted World PR

While more than half of our drinking problems originate from our own penchant for self-saboteurism, sometimes they root back to certain people. The Sea Atlas addresses that issue and beyond in his new bluesy rock single “Ripped Jeans” where he sails through a stormy relationship that has driven him to the verge of madness and every self-harming behavior. “Ripped Jeans” conveys the melancholic weight of a problematic relationship, but also radiates the loneliness that comes with it. Stream below:

If the track transports you to an isolated coast where there’s nothing except for you and the sea, then you’re not completely alone. Residing in the North Atlantic, The Sea Atlas draws a lot of his musical inspiration from the atmospheric energy found in the West coast of Scotland. “Ripped Jeans” is from The Sea Atlas’ upcoming EP, which will be out later this year. He has show dates coming up:

4/19 – Vulture Lounge (Aberdeen, UK)

4/20 – Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh, UK)

4/21 – The Hug and Pint (Glasgow, UK)

7/21 – Heb Celt Festival (Stornoway, UK)