Cocoa Futures Nails The Feeling Of Aging With “Sink In The Water”

Aging feels like drowning

Photo: Sara Amroussi-Gilissen

Aging is painful cus no one is really emotionally prepared for it. Also, society expects you to have your shit together as your skin starts wrinkling and hangovers really start taking toll of your drinking. North London’s artist Cocoa Futures melodically wraps up this painfully chaotic sentiment in his new kooky pop track “Sink in the Water” where he nails this hopeless torture by comparing it to drowning. The track is oddly upbeat though, but not happy – its buoyancy comes from the acceptance of the hopelessness we all have against our own mortality. Stream below:

“Getting older doesn’t always feel like growing,” he explained. ”It can feel a bit like sinking. There’s nothing inevitable about becoming a better person as you grow up and learn more. But maybe sinking is pretty good. Anyway, to keep things peppy, ‘Sink’ includes a nice happy major shift at the end!”

Greg Sanderson is the creator of Cocoa Futures who has been making buzz in the UK pop scene with his EP Blue and sold-out London shows in the past few months. “Sink in the Water” is the follow up of his EP and a glimpse into what Greg is working on. He has a show coming up:

5/11 – Paperdress Vintage (London, UK)