DWY’s “Over You” Is For Every Relationship That Couldn’t Survive Your Career

“You drove down the street in your yellow Bugatti”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

London artist DWY gracefully meditates the friction between his past relationship and career in his new single “Over You.” It’s a mellow blend of electronic and soul where DWY delineates the unparalleled paths between romance and work that eventually make you choose. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘Over You’ about every relationship I’ve been in whilst I was a struggling artist and the person didn’t get it and couldn’t see where I was going. The line ‘drove down the street in your yellow Bugatti, splashed me with a puddle as you left in a hurry; is about you know the person chasing what they felt success looked like and leaving me behind in the process. It’s also about not being mad about it, and just being over it, but they didn’t expect you to move on” shared DWY.

The track is from DWY’s upcoming debut EP, which is still in the works. Btw, it’s pronounced as ‘dew-we.’