Mavi Phoenix Gives Us Mellow Fever With “Yellow”

Summertime euphoria.

Photo: Kyle Weeks

Austrian DIY artist Mavi Phoenix feels the air with an infectious Zen-like groove with her latest single “Yellow,” a shimmering combo of rap, ambience, and chill pop. This is the type of song that you’ll be playing during lazy summer days where you’re mellowing it out by the pool as you let the glorious rays of sunshine bathe you with the warming comfort. Keeping an aloof coolness and distance, Mavi lets her hypnotic vocals capture the stressfully peaceful summer vibe:

“‘Yellow’ has a mellow production, representing not happy times, but I want to give people warmth and brightness to feel good in bittersweet moments – kind like a sun. Things can go wrong but the light will come back. Pain is not forever.” explained Mavi.

Originally from the small town of Linz, Mavi has been shaking up the international pop and rap scene with her singles “Aventura” and “Janet Jackson.” Described as having ‘crazy dope aesthetic’ by her fellow collaborator MELVV (whom she teamed up for “Babe”), Mavi will be showcasing more of her work this year. And if you live in Germany, see her live this summer:

7/13 – Ferropolis (Leipzig, Germany)