LANZ’ ‘Hoferlanz II’ Is A RILF: Record I’d Like To F…


Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Some albums are meant to be played once or be buried in the obscurity of the streaming world while others deserve to be gratefully mated with our eardrums. LANZ’ new record Hoferlanz II falls in he latter – it is what we label it as RILF: Record I’d Like to Feast. From existential themes that haunts us on a daily basis (think of anxiety, mortality, optimism, pessimism, etc.) to societal issues, LANZ toys with elements of folk, indietronica, pop, and rock that yields a playful sound. But despite its cheeriness, Hoferlanz II exudes delicate amount of melancholic substance that comes with the territory of introspection. Stream below:

Hoferlanz II is available to stream/buy here.

LANZ has shows coming up later this month:

4/25 – The Raccoon Motel (Davenport, IA, USA)

4/26 – Sleeping Village (Chicago, IL, USA)

4/27 – Northside Tavern (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

5/23 – Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY, USA)