Paria Channels Her Entrepreneur/Boss Spirit In “Low Blows”

“Hell no! Ain’t gonna be no low blows”

Photo: Courtesy of Bol Records

Norwegian artist Paria is back again with her bold and self-boss attitude with her latest single “Low Blows.” For all of us who went through shitty-jobs phase (it’s an unavoidable rite of passage), then “Low Blows” captures that breaking moment when we finally decide to abandon those soul-sucking gigs and aim for ones that truly speak to our heart. Also, “Low Blows” is a booty-shaker that gives you the confidence of a badass bossbitch. Stream below:

“I remember when I was 17 I moved to Oslo on my own and I still was in high school but needed to work to pay my bills and since I was a student and a teenager no-one would give me a job, so I worked at a lot of part-time jobs, and the last cafe I worked in got closed and I lost my job. Then I realized that I am wasting my time with jobs I hate and jobs that will never make me happy nor successful In the future, so I decided to make music my job and be an artist, and that’s basically all I’m saying with ‘Low Blow,’ I’m saying hell no to Low Blow and yes to working hard and chasing your dreams” shared Paria.

“Low Blows” is the follow up of Paria’s single “91” from last year, which made waves across Norwegian radio and international media. As of now, she has a show coming up:

5/9 – Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway)