ELLEH’s EP ‘Anthems Part III’ Is Disco For The Solitary Nights

For the lonely nocturnal dancers

Photo: Courtesy of Rare Cut Records

Tokyo-based duo ELLEH crafts a sound that the two describe as ‘Sad Boy Disco.’ Think of groovy dancefloor bangers meeting the nocturnal blues we get during the vulnerable, late hours where loneliness devours our sanity. Their new EP, Anthems Part III, is a compilation dreamy and melancholic tracks that capture the longing for someone, destructive relationships, and emotional uncertainties. Using influences of 90s house and contemporary indietronca, ELLEH washes us with the ethereal disco ball lights while also soaking us with the solitary echoes that fill the atmosphere. Stream below:

Comprised of Satoru Teshima and Bob Willey, ELLEH formed back in 2016 in Tokyo and quickly harnessed their sound of ‘Sad Boy Disco.’ Anthem Part III is out now via Rare Cut Records.