Highasakite Tap Into Their Humble Roots In New Single “Out Of Order”

Renewing what’s old.

Photo: Jørgen Nordby

Norwegian duo Highasakite is back with a new heartfelt pop single “Out Of Order” where the duo revisits the humble origins of their music. Powered by booming choruses and chest-pounding piano, “Out Of Order” is an emotional ballad that hits us with the nostalgic freedom that we experience during the beginning of our careers out of sheer humbleness and excitement. It’s a song that longs, but also reawakens the sense of where we come from:

“Out Of Order” is the follow up of the 2016 LP Campus Echo and was written during the Campus Echo Tour when the duo was headlining Norway’s five biggest festivals. Comprised of Ingrid Helene Håvik and Trond Bersu, Highasakite has already collected multiple Norwegian Grammy Awards and gained international acclaim from major press across the world. “Out Of Order” is the first new music in almost a year and a peek into what the duo has in store this year.