Magique’s “Unexpected Friends” Will Make You Love Your Friendzone

Embrace the friendzone

Photo: Ellen Offredy

UK artist Magique dropped his new ethereal electropop single “Unexpected Friends” where he pays tribute to the magical chemistry of friendship. Whether you have a broad or narrow fcircle, “Unexpected Friends” is the type of festival-ready track that will get your cronies together and celebrate the unexplainable euphoria of belonging. Don’t be a hermit and spend more time growing that friendzone:


“‘Unexpected Friends’ is about the whole cycle of friendships and how they end up overlapping and morphing into something quite beautiful” – explains Magique. “It’s easy to take your circles for granted and how these people came to be around you, so I just wanted to write a love letter to the people that stick by me.” shared Magique.

CJ Pandit is the mastermind behind Magique who splits his time living in Leicester and oxford. Having recently supported Fickle Friend and Geowulf on tour, Magique will be playing at various festivals this upcoming summer. See him live:

5/5 – Live At Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/5 – Handmade Festival (Leicester, UK)

7/20 – Truck Festival (Oxfordshire, UK)