NYSSA’s New Video “Champion Of Love” Is Punk Wonderland

Surreal pop with an acidic touch

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Describing her sound as ‘nu classix,’ NYSSA crafts a surrealistic dimension with her song “Champion of Love” where she uses the sharp trimmings of punk and glossiness of pop to produce an eccentric sound. It’s got a touch of acidity to it, especially after you watch the video. Directed by Ron Hollywood, “Champion of Love” looks like a punk Wonderland for misfits who weren’t basic enough to fit into the mainstream fairytales. Watch below:

“‘Champion of Love’ is a bizarro Dionysian exultation—a puckish takedown of sterile adulthood. Feast your eyes on this Ron Hollywood-directed glam Bacchanal. I’m your pied piper, your mad hatter, your witch in the woods, here to lead you in the revelry of my sleazy Saturnalia.” shared NYSSA.

The track is from NYSSA’s debut EP, Champion of Love, which came out on April 6th and can be streamed below:

The gal has shows coming up:

4/20 – Owl’s Club (Toronto, Canada)

5/17 – The Baby G (Toronto, Canada)