AVEC Gives Us A Taste Of “Love” In Its Best/Worst Form

The paradisiacal & burning sides of love

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Blending the emotional ambience and raw presence of indie rock, Austrian songstress AVEC portrays love at its best and worst state in her new single “Love.” There’s a thoughtful balance between simplicity and ethereality in the track where AVEC analyzes the highs we can get from loving someone and the realistic expectations of pain that comes with commitment. The video shows AVEC and her crew chilling in Ireland where they were recording the new album:

“Love is such a powerful force – it can make you feel like heaven and as soon as you feel safe, you turn around and you’re stuck in hell! It can be self-destructive and at some point it might break you, but in the end, love is a very innocent thing and means nothing less than acceptance, trust and forgiveness – love more! This song is the oldest one on the record – I wrote it in April 2016 and we’ve been playing it live ever since. While recording this one all the sudden it started raining so heavily and that’s what you can hear at the end of the track – it’s amazing!” shared AVEC.

The track is from AVEC’s upcoming album Heaven / Hell, which will be out on September 14. AVEC will start touring soon:

5/17-19 – The Great Escape (Brighton, UK)

6/9 – Kufstein unlimited 2018 (Kufstein, Austria)

6/23 – Umsonst & Drauβen Festival (Würzburg, Germany)

6/30 – ABZ Altmünster (Gmunden, Austria)

10/25 – Orpheum Extra (Graz, Austria)

10/27 – Kulturverein Röda (Steyr, Austria)

10/30 – WUK (Vienna, Austria)

10/31 – After Schlachthof (Schl8hof) Wels (Wels, Austria)

11/1 – Gretchen (Berlin, Germany)

11/2 – Nochtwache (Hamburg, Germany)

11/3 – Simplon Kleine Zaal (Groningen, Netherlands)

11/4 – Unknown venue (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

11/6 – White / Noise (Stuttgart, Germany)

11/7 – Rockhouse (Salzburg, Austria)

11/8 – Milla (Munich, Germany)

11/9 – Treibhaus (Inssbruck, Austria)

11/10 – Spielboden (Dornbirn, Austria)

11/11 – Papiersal (Zürich, Switzerland)

11/13 – Beatpol (Dresden, Germany)

11/14 – Unknown venue (Nuremberg, Germany)

11/15 – Roxy – Kultur in Ulm (Ulm, Germany)

11/20 – Melkweg Upstairs (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

11/21 – Luxor Live (Arnhem, Netherlands)

11/22 – TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, Netherlands)

11/23 – Alter Schlachthof (Eupen, Belgium)

11/24 – Studio 672, Stadtgarten (Cologne, Germany)