Get Your Hands On Deux Trois’ New Onanistic Single “Late Night Girls”

“I’m in love with the late night pearls”

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

It’s not common to find songs about onanism since it’s kinda hard to go around it without being too porn-level explicit or 007-level enigmatic. But Deux Trois really scored the intimate relationship we have with our hands in their new single “Late Night Girls.” It’s a playful anthem that smiles upon its anti-innocence where the rolling drumbeats and gusting choruses flood you with the euphoria of self-love. Stream below:

“‘Late Night Girls’ takes a wide range of sounds and influences from the 20th century – Deux Trois’ own version of musically jerking off, probably. The single is what happens when three self-aware malcontents sit on the rampant, internet-induced loneliness of our times, and manage to preserve their sound. We’re past pop culture’s endless attempts to assimilate sex and gender into the confines it created over the course of the 20th century.”

Comprised of Nadia Pacey (drums, vocals), Benjamin Nelson (bass, vocals), and Ben Webb (guitar, vocals), Deux Trois is a Canadian band that fully came together last year. And in case you didn’t know, onanism is a fancier word for masturbation. Yes, that’s what this song is about…