Moncrieff’s “Serial Killer” Is For Every Relationship Where You Died A Little Inside

Disclaimer: Nobody died in this relationship…except Moncrieff’s sanity

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

London-based artist Moncrieff shares his survival story from a toxic relationship in his new soulful single “Serial Killer.” Starting off with a haunting atmosphere, “Serial Killer” exudes an ominous buzz that feels like straight out of a murder/thriller movie. Moncrieff’s vocals have the same sharpness of a dagger cutting through the doomed emotional chaos. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘Serial Killer’ a few months after coming out of what was a pretty intense relationship; to put it lightly. It’s nuts how you never seem to notice how your perspective changes when you’re in deep with someone. You lose the ability to be objective as infatuation paints over traits in a person that would otherwise serve as warning signs,” explained Moncrieff. “It took some time and space after we broke up for me to realise how crazy this girl was. But it didn’t seem to bother me at the time, so maybe that makes me a bit mad too, I don’t know. The song is just a reflection on the state of mind I was in back then. No-one died in the making of this song.”

Produced by JUDGE (Migos, Marshmello), “Serial Killer” is from Moncrieff’s upcoming debut EP, which the artist hasn’t revealed any deets yet. He has festival appearances coming up:

5/5 – Live At Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/17-19 – The Great Escape (Brighton, UK)