Stay True & Rock On With Hey Gigantic’s “Colours”

Punk/alternative rock

Photo: Courtesy of the band

Relationships can either improve you as person by 30% or worsen you by 120%. If you ever been with someone who inexplicably took over your life and personality, then Hey Gigantic’s “Colours” is your ‘snap-out’ song from that hazy phase. Taking elements of punk and alternative rock, the London quartet gives us an explosive reminder of preserving our true colors in any relationship or breakup. Stream below:

Vocalist/bassist Patrick Jonathan Bateman explained that the song is “Written about the end of relationship as one person leaves for what they believe to be something better with someone else, but windup losing their personality to try and make it work. Realising their mistake they scramble to get back their real self and true colours.”

“Colours” is the follow up of their previous single “Passenger” and has already received airplays on BBC radio. While the band hasn’t announced any record news, we are suspecting that something’s on the way…pure conspiracies.