Nedelle Torrisi’s “Complicated” Is About Your Phone Philia

When you love your phone too much

Photo: Linnea Stephan

This is going to kill some hope for humanity, but some of us make more eye contact with our phones than actual human beings. Nedelle Torrisi nails that melancholic fact in her new R&B single “Complicated” where she portrays our contemporary screen ADD that has desensitized us from real human bond. Think about it – what’s the first thing you reach out to when you’re waiting in line anywhere?

Nedelle explained that the song “is like a 60s soul ballad about how we give more love to our phones than each other.”

“Complicated” is from Nedelle’s upcoming LP Only For You, which will be out on May 18th. The gal has shows coming up in LA next month:

5/1 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/15 – The Bootleg (Los Angeles, CA, USA)