Sonali’s “Close Enough” Is Pop For Every Indefinable Relationship

“Are we friends who are too close / Or lovers who aren’t close enough”

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamos PR

Despite the popularity and coolness associated with unlabeled relationships, we all know how emotionally draining they can be. NY-based poptress Sonali illustrates the chest-pounding power struggle we face in her new single “Close Enough.” Compressing folk and soul elements into the pop soundscape, Sonali’s vocals run through the lush midtempo steam where she muses over the varying lengths of physical and emotional distance that exists between two people. Enjoy below:

“The lyrics are asking this big, bold question and at the same time the production has this quarter note pumping going on in the back. It just feels really solid and supported, like the way you’d want to feel if you were having that conversation with someone,” shared Sonnali.

Having been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, Sonali had to put her musical career in hiatus for a while. But now she is back in full force and is ready to open for Pitbull at the SunFest festival in May:

4/24 – Open Stage Club (Coral Gables, FL, USA)

5/6 – SunFest (West Palm Beach, FL, USA)