Ay Wing Parodies Modern Insta-Narcissism In Her New Video “Strange”

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Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor PR

Berlin-based, Swedish artist Ay Wing mocks our selfie-consumed culture in her new video “Strange” where we see the gal dressed in iconic Hollywood characters such as Princess Leia, Morticia Addams, Mia Wallace and even Queen Daenerys. The video is largely inspired by Andy Warhol’s “famous for 15 minutes” quote, which applies to our modern obsession with fame in the Insta-Age. Watch below:

“’Strange’ tries to find humour in an age where many of our own identities seem based on an insta-filter and the right angle.” shared Ay Wing.

The track is from Ay Wing’s EP Ice Cream Dream, which was released back in January of this year. She has a show coming up next month, so see her live:

5/2 – Klunkerkranich (Berlin, Germany)