Fool Child’s “Dance On Your Own” Is A Melancholic Waltz With Surf Rock

Indie folk x surf rock

Photo: Courtesy of This Much Talent

Melbourne-based quartet Fool Child takes us into a translucent waltz in their new surf rock single “Dance On Your Own” where they shuffle through fractured memories of laconic romances. Being touring nomads themselves, Fool Child paints the hazy and ethereal collage of people that they’ve shared intimate bonds with in short periods of time. Despite its fragmented sketch and misty atmosphere, there is a melancholic uniformity throughout the track where the quartet tries to alleviate the loneliness by embracing the past on their own. Stream below:

“It’s funny; some of the most meaningful relationships we’ve all been through have happened on the road, and therefore often had to end prematurely due to circumstance or whatever. It was one of those fleeting romances that inspired the song, but I think for all of us it’s come to represent embracing the change that people can trigger in you.” shared Fool Child.

Fool Child started as the collaborative project of UK artists Scott Harrison and Mathew Green who started songsculpting together back in 2016. With a growing audience, the duo decided to push their sonic boundaries even more by integrating Hannah Jackson and Callum Fitzpatrck into the Fool Child clan. The quartet has will be hosting a “Dance On Your Own” single launch show so see them live:

5/16 – The Gasometer (Collingwood, VIC, Australia)

5/20 – Evelyn Hotel (Fitzroy, VIC, Australia)