Take Your ADD To The Dancefloor With Jimny’s “On My Mind” Ft. Jason Gaffner

A groovy distraction

Photo: Jimny SoundCloud

Have you ever experienced an ADD episode where you completely blackout (most likely from weekly meetings) and start dancing with your neurons inside your head? Jimny’s “On My Mind” ft. Jason Gaffner is exactly the type of song you’ll spin in your head as your focus transcends to groovana where you get to secretly indulge in it. The melancholic pulse and torrent of synths yield a glorious, dreamy commotion where you can’t help but get distracted with:

“On My Mind” is from Jimny’s latest EP Right, which came out back in February. Jimny is a Brooklyn-based Chilean producer who debuted his single “Without You” back in 2016 and received wide support from playlists and radio stations. Jason Gaffner is an LA-based artist who released his EP Journeys last year.