Feel The Warmth Of “California Love” With Black Light White Light

Sun-kissed psychedelic rock

Photo: Black Light White Light SoundCloud

Danish artist Black Light White Light sends us coastal highs in his psychedelic rock single “California Love” where he captures the emotional warmth and drunkenness a person can have on us. Lyrics aside, the song is BLWL’s tribute to the dreamy sun-drenched atmosphere of California where your mind wanders with the coastal breeze. The kaleidoscopic synths draw you into a starry-eyed state where time feels slow, yet you feel this exhilarating rush:

“This song to me really has that sunny element of California to it. When I came up with the main melody theme for this song I just knew it had to be a song about California. We recorded our first album in Los Angeles, California. This was a magical period. Like a time warp – just an adventure to be there living the dream. The lyrics are not specifically about this though. It’s really a bittersweet love song about meeting a special person that brings that sunny spirit and warmness of California into your life.” shared Martin Eljertsen, the mastermind behind BLWL.

“California Love” is from Black Light White Light’s new album Horizons, which came out on March 23rd. You can stream it below:

He has a show coming up next month:

5/18 – Byhaven – Pumpehuset (Copenhagen, Denmark)