Plunge Into The Dreamy Indietronica Chaos Of LACEI & Cape Lion’s “Fall In”

Lustrous electropop

Photo: LACEI Facebook

LA-based duo LACEI and Swedish producer Cape Lion join forces in their new collaborative single “Fall In,” an escalating electronic piece that exhales celestial fumes of synth keys and disembodied hypnotic croons. The barrage of diced beats and echoing samples shatter into an ethereal explosion that let you into an otherworldly space. Stream below:

LACEI is comprised of Jessica Lombardozzi (keys, vocals) and Viktor Ahlgren (production, guitar) who released their first EP 11:11 back in 2016. Cape Lion is the solo project of Carl-Johan “Oa” Sevedag who just released his new EP Week One back in February of this year. “Fall In” was conceived during a meeting in Sweden over the summer of 2017.