Buzzy Lee’s Debut EP ‘Facepaint’ (Prod. By Nicolas Jaar) Is Out Now

Dark posh pop

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

After sending us hypnotic chills to our spine with “Coolhand” (which has already amassed more than 550k streams), Buzzy Lee has finally released her debut EP Facepaint via Future Classic today. Produced by Nicolas Jaar, Facepaint is a 5-track sketch of Buzzy Lee’s dark humor, perception, self-mockery, and philosophical musings. Her songs do not adhere to the average pop structure – there’s always an unexpected twist and haunting air to them that adds an alien-esque aura to Facepaint:

The opener, “Facepaint,” is a slo-mo track that takes you back to an 80s school dance where the howling choruses and deliberate stomping beats yield the perfect intimate space. The lyrics, however, portrays a hollow and destructive relationship that we often can’t leave. “You wanna saw me up / Like you’re some kind of magician and I’m just your companion” chants Buzzy Lee.

Similarily, “On The Radio” feels like a slow waltz where Buzzy’s icy croons and piano taps box us into the simple desire to be on the radio. The following song, “No Her,” is a quirky two-way sword single where Buzzy Lee stabs her love interest with jealousy (“If you love me the way you love her / Then there will be no her”), but also herself with the thought “And maybe I’m just easy.” The final track, “Walk Away,” captures a moment of departure where Buzzy Lee implores someone to stay for the sake of former good memories. It’s a heartbreaking moment, but also a romantic one that wraps up the EP with a final squeeze to the listener’s heart.

Stream/purchase Facepaint here.

Buzzy Lee will be playing her NYC live debut show in May:

5/16 – The Park Church Co-op (New York, NY, USA)