SACRE’s ‘The Call’ Is An Electronica EP That Is Dope & Sophisticated

Electrifying lust for youth & California

Photo: SACRE Facebook

Parisian duo SACRE doesn’t just want to party, but also savor each exquisite celebratory moment of love, lust and youth in their EP The Call. If we were to choose a word to describe the EP, it would be ‘seductive.’ Every track feels like a call for a different desire or memory – for instance, in “Forever Young” the duo wraps you with the steamy hypnotism of youth. On the other hand, “Stereo” ft. Dopsize is an explicit confession of love and dance. Enjoy below:

“Palmtree Hotel” probably takes the crown in this EP (purely subjective though) where SACRE chants about the paradisiacal warmth and the mystic aura that Hollywood has built around California.

We don’t know much about SACRE except that their moniker means ‘sacred’ in French.