WNT-AL-N’s “Leave It On The Floor” Is The Electropical Answer To Your Problems

Groove guru has the answer

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamos

“For all your problems I’ve got resolutions” chants WNT-AL-N (pronounced as ‘Went All In’). The electropical/reggae master is back with a new dancefloor opener “Leave It On The Floor” where your hips immediately get glued to the hooks and loops. While the song may not literally have the answer to your 99 problems, it does possess the inebriated charm of electropical music where your worries get flushed down to the dancefloor as you soak into the sun-kissed vibe of the soundscape. Stream below:

In regards to the meaning of the track, WNT-AL-N explained, “We all need an outlet from the stresses that society, family, finances, work etc. put on us. Picture a carefree childhood where you’re enjoying life to the fullest and you’re all about being in the moment. Growing up, music was my escape to a place where I could go all in. I think all we need is the ability to tap back into that as an adult. I always want my songs to have substance and tell my story even if it’s a turn-up record.”

Having lived all around the world (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Atlanta), WNT-Al-N draws his influences from various genres and cultures. When he’s not being a groove guru, he’s working with the non-profit Blue Dragon – a Hanoi-based organization that aids children who are homeless, disabled or were victims of slavery and human trafficking.

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