Joni Brings Us Haunted Dream Pop With “Omens”

“Who are you a prophet? / Cause I’m feeling like your little lamb”

Photo: Bea Fatora

Have you ever experienced that inexplicable gut feeling of impending doom? It’s the same kind of feeling you get when you see a massive wave approaching you and you’re seconds away from getting devoured. Joni captures that brief moment and stretches it to a gorgeous 4-minute dreamy euphoria with her single “Omens.” It’s haunting, yet its mystic air injects us with the intense thrills we get when something eerie is in the air. Enjoy below:

Joni, who has produced hit singles for major pop icons including some of which have gone platinum, has recently decided to shift in writing songs for herself. Last year the gal moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and has been exploring new sound with her fellow producers. Co-produced by Noise Club and Pat Howard, “Omens” is the first release of the gal who will be unveiling more music in the next upcoming months.