“Love Is Love” Captures The Carnal Desire For Love & Ink

For tattooists & lovers

Photo: Courtesy of Alexan Films

Argentinian Director Alexan Sarikamichian returns with a new music video titled “Love Is Love” where he invites us into an intimate moment between two young lovers who share their passion for ink and each other. Every close-up scene provides the viewer with a two-way perspective: the sultry interaction between the two lovers and the pigmented designs that run through their skin. Starring Candelaria Tinelli and Kaktov, “Love Is Love” depicts how the human body can both serve as canvasses for eros and tattoo art:

Alexan has directed several music videos and have also produced short films, which have been nominated in The Cannes Film Festival. To see what the director is up to, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.