10 O’Clock Chemical Tap Into Digital Narcotism In “We Are Digital”

Social media killed human interaction

Photo: Mark Vyse

UK quartet 10 O’Clock Chemical brutally demolishes the pseudo promises of human connection that social media often promotes in their new party banger “We Are Digital.” This is the type of song you’ll play at an underground illegal club or in an apocalyptic party before the machines kills us all. It is highly processed and trimmed with edginess where amidst the party synth layers, you can catch the hint of dooming dark sensation we all feel depending on technology and how it has isolated us more than connecting with people. Stream below:

“The title is self explanatory – it’s the transition to the digital era. It’s also about alienation, confessing our drug-like addiction to social media and serving our online avatars for pseudo-approval instead of making real life connection and conversation. Everything is filtered and more of us than ever before are guilty of neglecting relationships and human experience for touch screen talking and computerized entertainment; the virtual harbours aimed at making us happier are making us more alone.”

“We Are Digital” is from the quartet’s upcmong EP, which will be out this June via the group’s own label GRITPOP. They have show dates coming up:

6/15 – Night and Day (Manchester, UK)

6/22 – The Underground (Stoke on Trent, UK)

6/27 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)